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Massachusetts Firearms Legal Update

Massachusetts firearms laws are complex, and not always easy to understand. Ron has worked for over a decade to help law enforcement officers, sportsmen, gun owners, firearms dealers, attorneys and others understand the issues as they related to Massachusetts firearms law to enable them to make responsible decisions. Ron has served as chairman of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association firearms committee, and International Association of Chiefs of Police firearms committee. In 1999, Ron was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Massachusetts Gun Control Advisory Board. Ron was elected the GCAB’s first chairman and still holds that position today. Ron wrote the first state approved firearms safety course (LTC-001) in 1999. Ron also wrote the “Law Enforcement Guide to Firearms Law” (now in its 20th edition) which has become the primary firearm legal resource for law enforcement prosecutors, defense attorneys, and law abiding gun owners. Today Ron gives presentations to law enforcement professionals in his semi-annual open-reenrollment seminars, as well as on-site training at police departments. In addition, he is available for presentations at sportsman’s clubs, associations and other venues where his knowledge of firearms law (and his historical knowledge of firearms issues in Massachusetts) can benefit his audience. For more information on Ron's firearms legal presentations, please visit his firearms website at:

School Violence Prevention & Response

Ron is author of Stopping The School Shooter: The Life You Save May Be Your Own. He has been training law enforcement officers and schools on the detection, prevention and response to school violence for many years. His presentations provide police officers and educators with knowledge to help them reduce their school’s risk of lethal violence through the use of prevention, intervention and response strategies. Warning signs, threat assessments, lock-down procedures are covered, as is the necessity of redundancy in prevention strategies. Acknowledging that school shootings can occur anywhere, the presentation will close with an inspiring personal action plan that can save lives of students, educators and responding police officers. Ron is available to speak at any police department, school, or conference on the issue of school violence prevention and response. For additional information, plese visit Ron's website at:



Prevention and Response to Workplace Violence

Employees expect and deserves to work in a violence-free environment. Yet the workplace is often a dangerous place. Homicides, assaults, harassment, and threatening and abusive behavior is all too common in the workplace. Sometimes these problems are the result of people with no connection to the workplace such as robbery. Sometimes violence erupts due to an angry customer or client. Often however, the source of the problem is a disgruntled current or former employee. To be a productive member of any workforce, employees must feel safe. Ron’s presentations on workplace violence help managers, supervisors and employees understand the risks, and prepares them to address those problems to minimize the risks for all employees. Bring Ron to your workplace or your next conference to help you stop workplace violence before it strikes.