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Eye opening. Gave me a new perspective about day to day interaction with officers.

Capt. Grant, Lancaster (SC) Police Dept.


This was a breakthrough for me on how to deal with poisonous personalities.

Sgt. Zimmer, North Charleston (SC) Police Dept.


A lot of good info I can use. Really eye opening.

Lt. Wesley Neely, Mt. Juliet (TN) Police Dept.


Great information provided to supervisors who can put to use immediately and make a positive change within their agency.

Sgt. Brian Lafferty, Richmond (KY) Police Dept.


Great presentation – where theoretical meets practice – very useful and practical information.

Chief Liles, Univ. of SC – Aiken Police


Good interaction with others in the class, and practical solutions to complex problems.

Sgt. James Vivette, Metro Nashville (TN) Police Dept.


Liked the motivation versus morale definitions and verbal responses to stop sarcasm and gossip. Great Job Ron.

Chief Christopher Yannuzzi, Ocean Ridge (FL) Police Dept.


The seminar was jammed full of practical leadership ideas that can be useful for everyone from front line supervisor to chief of police.

Capt. Warren Merriman, Bradenton (FL) Police Dept.


The foundation of being a successful leader is being able to recognize problems and lead in difficult times. Ron has given us the information and solutions with proven techniques involving leadership.

Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe, Dickson County (TN) Sheriff’s Office


Ron makes you think and provides “real world” examples on how to improve your officer’s morale.

Capt. Lee Bercaw, Tampa (FL) Police Dept.


Great class. Very motivational and will assist me in becoming a better supervisor.

Sgt. Wm. Howell, Lake Shores (FL) Police Dept.


Some of the best leadership training I have had!

Chief Dominic Campbell, Whispering Pines (NC) Police Dept.


Ron is an excellent instructor who is able to keep you interested an entertained. His personal experiences add a lot to the class.

Chief Stroschein, East McKessport (PA) Police Dept.


Great information presented in an easily understood format mixed with amusing and funny examples.

Lt. Chris Nesbit, Kannapolis (NC) Police Dept.


The information provided was very practical and useful. I especially appreciated that you are someone with “real world” experience that provides the training in a down to earth manor. I will definitely recommend this training to others.

Lt. Craig Graydon, Kennesaw (GA) Police Dept.


The framework and concepts of this seminar will be of great value to me in my role as chief.

Chief Baker, City of Rutland (VT) Police Dept.


Simply very realistic and practical!

Major Jason DiPrima, Cartersville (GA) Police Dept.


Suburb ideas. Easy to understand, follow and implement. Outstanding!

Deputy Chief Stout, James City County (VA) Police Dept.


I now know the power of gossip and how it negatively affects the organization and will now work to reduce it. Ron’s class provides valuable techniques to address the level of morale within an agency.

Lt. Vanghele, Newtown (CT) Police Dept.


Very, very good presentation. Highly recommended! Ron takes the time to seal with the class and not speak at them. He makes the training personnel. All the topics he discussed were relevant to issues we are currently dealing with.

Capt. Hardeman, Prince William County (VA) Sheriff’s Office


I attended your outstanding class yesterday in Grafton with a fellow sergeant.  We were both impressed with the information you provided to all the officers.  At one point during the discussion, actually at several points during the day, I looked over at my fellow sergeant and asked him if you had spent some time in our police station!   It seemed that everything you were saying hit home, for me anyways. Chief, once again thanks for the great class, and keep up the excellent work that you do.

Sgt. Gallerani, Plainville (MA) Police Dept.


The communication techniques are outstanding as well as tips on how to deal with personnel issues.

Sgt. Smaglo, Portsmouth (VA) Police Dept.

Great Class – Great presentation!

Capt. Robert Dunn, Beaufort (NC) Police Dept.


Ron related to us with great / memorable illustrations to remember on the battlefield. Great course!

Lt. Ryan Pippin, Catawba County (NC) Sheriff’s Office


Unlike other leadership classes based primarily on theory, this class provides techniques to immediately address problems.

Sgt. Sullivan, Burlington (VT) Police Dept.


Great information for all leaders!

Det. Caton, Jay (ME) Police Dept.


Excellent class! Negativity and morale are common problems and this is the first class I’ve seen offered on this subject. Well done!

Lt. Watrous, South Windsor (CT) Police Dept.


Great ideas and strategies on dealing with issues within the Dept.

Sgt. Moody, Hartford (VT) Police Dept.


Excellent training in minimizing negative behaviors within the agency and the importance of positive reinforcement and showing employees you care.

Lt. Fountain, Springfield (VT) Police Dept.


This training would give any leader the insight and tools to improve the morale and attitude within their agency.

Det. Sgt. Roberts, Aliquippa (PA) Police Dept.


I like the down to earth manner that Ron presents the material. Ron has done the job and relates his real life experience in the class.

Chief Toman, Gardiner (ME) Police Dept.


Ron was well prepared, well spoken, and answered any question and involved the whole classroom. Keep up the good work!

Sgt. Rinaldi, Seymour (CT) Police Dept.


Great tools to open communication which can lead to more productive relationships.

Sgt. Sargent, Hanover (NH) Police Dept.


Ron tells it the way it is. Well done!

Lt. Jaskuta, Tredyffrin Twp (PA) Police


Regardless of the agency size, everything reviewed in this class has always been, is now, and will always be part of the law enforcement culture. This class provided solid and strategic answers for dealing with difficult employees, booting morale, and being a better communicator which makes for a better leader.

Capt. Steve Carey, Stafford (VA) Sheriffs’ Office

Excellent presentation. Chief Glidden has a great depth of knowledge in the area of communication. He provides specific examples of situations in which the strategies he presents DO work. I gained knowledge on ways to adapt my behavior in order to be a more successful supervisor.

Sgt. O’Brien, Boxborough (MA) Police Dept.


I felt like Ron had visited my jail and spoken to my staff before giving this training today! I would recommend this training to a corrections audience.

Warden Asure, Monroe County (PA) Correctional Facility

A course every supervisor must attend. I learned something 5 minutes in until the end. Extremely helpful. One of the best courses I’ve attended.

Sgt. O’Hara, Revere (MA) Police Dept.


Great training! Easy to understand.

Lt. Temple, Sagadahoc County (ME) Sheriff’s Office